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About Us

About Renaissance Aquatics Inc.: Los Angeles’ Wholesale Tran-shipper of Freshwater & Coldwater Fish, Tropical Fish, Marine Corals & Coral Frags, and other Aquarium Supplies

Before our company in Los Angeles started, we had the simple goal of establishing a means to supply the aquarium and marine life industry with high quality tropical, freshwater, and coldwater fish, corals, and frags at the best possible way. That dream became a reality when we organized Renaissance Aquatics Inc. in 2006 and systematized the fresh and coldwater tran-shipping of a full line of tropicals and goldfish, which we began direct importing in late 2006.

What made our growth possible? Apart from a reliable structure, Renaissance Aquatics Inc. is centered on service. We train and employ a team of experts that are service-oriented, able and willing to assist every client from placing their order, tran-shipment, and eventual delivery. Customers receive an in depth report of their purchase, regardless if it involves freshwater fish or corals. Our team also goes beyond service expectations when we provide reasonable suggestions and advice that would work best for a client’s aquarium supplies and livestock order.

One of the leading wholesale supplier of marine and freshwater livestock, we ensure you get the best value for your money with each and every purchase. For your convenience, we routinely take photos and underwater videos of our livestock, from coral frags to our wondrous array of fish, so you know what to expect and are never left disappointed.

We’ve taken good care of our Los Angeles-based company with unfailing dedication and an established reputation. Our facility is company owned and paid for, so we have an advantage in the overhead aspect.  Another reason we are able to stay afloat, successful, and to provide competitive pricing is because we have a state-of-the-art solar power system.  Next to Costco, as of 2011, we have the largest solar power system in Southern California. Due to our high quality livestock, exemplary services, and loyal clientele, we are hopeful that Renaissance Aquatics will continue to grow year after year.

We are very service oriented. You will receive extremely high customer service and an in depth report of your order and we always have reasonable suggestions for you to substitute or add on to your order...

Photos and Videos

On a regular basis, we take photos and underwater videos of our livestock so that you have a very good idea of the livestock that you are puchasing.



Due to our high quality livestock and extensive customer service, Renaissance has been able to grow rapidlly year after year.

We have been proudly servicing the aquarium industry since 2006.