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Los Angeles, CA Importer and Exporter of High Quality Tropical/ Freshwater Fish & Live Australian Corals for Retail Stores and Wholesalers throughout the U.S. and beyond

Renaissance Aquatics, Inc. brings the colors of marine life into your stores. As a trusted exporter and importer of fish and coral in Los Angeles, our company offers a brilliant aquarium selection fit for retail trade. From live Australian corals to freshwater fish, we have everything you may require at terrific wholesome prices.

Whether you have been in the aquatic trade business for years, looking for a more reliable live coral/ fish supplier, or simply considering starting your own aquarium retail pet store – Renaissance Aquatics Inc. can empower your business with top quality livestock.

Some of our bestselling products on wholesale include:

    • Freshwater, Tropical, and Ornamental Fish, like Cichlids and Goldfish
    • Corals and Coral Frags: Australian Coral, Indo Coral, Vietnam Coral, and Crocea Clams

We truly deliver! As a USDA Certified exporter and importer, our company in Los Angeles continuously strives to be a world leader in the distribution of Pacific Ocean species. With this, we maintain our efforts in having equally reputable suppliers of tropical/ freshwater fish and live coral that puts us on the cutting edge of the aquatic industry. From retail stores to aquarium enthusiasts, every client that partners with us receives products of the best quality.

We go beyond being a premier provider of wholesale fish and live corals. Our service-oriented company assures retail stores and clients that their needs are taken care of with great expertise and gracious assistance. So contact us today and ask us about our latest offerings and deals. We look forward to doing business with you soon.

No order is too big or too small.

Please feel free to contact us via phone or email and a courteous, helpful response will be soon to follow.

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Renaissance Aquatics, Inc.
3732 Century Blvd
Inglewood, CA 90009
United States
Ph: 310-674-1501
Fax: 310-988-1915
Alt: 877-374-9983

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